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Cyclone Aila in 2009 devastated the lives of villagers in the Sunderbans. The livelihood of the villagers, and hence children’s education especially the girl-child’s education was severely affected

Our primary focus was to bring these young girls back-to-school. We have gained support from “ Ebong Alap “ an organization, in association with Jadavapur University’s Professor Samantak Das and Professor Sujit Kumar Mondal from 2009 till 2011 to fructify this vision.

Disha was conceptualized and took shape in 2011 in line with this mission; it was formally registered in 2015. All had been initiated by the then Headmaster Sukumar Paira who is still involved with the project.


  • Create equal educational opportunities for all
  • Facilitate lifestyle improvements for the villagers, especially for marginalized village-women
  • Focus on prevention of crimes against women


DISHA’s owes its growth to a band of Teachers, Health Workers, ICDS staff, Sangha Women’s Group, housewives, Students, and well-wishers who have tirelessly strived to make our vision a roaring success.

Mr.  Robin Ghosh, Economist, Management & Communication personality par-excellence, whose experience exceeds 25 years in field of management of NGO’s, has contributed greatly in imbibing new ideas.

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